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Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have any more questions you would like answered, or ebike questions you think should be included ion our Ebike FAQ page, please contact us.

Do you provide financing?

If you are interested in financing your ebike, please contact us using our online form with the details of your intended purchase, the amount of deposit you can make (minimum 20%) and we will provide you with additional information about the process and your options along with a link for your credit application. Please note that financing is provided by a third party loan brokerage firm and that Ebikes-Canada.com will not be involved in holding the financial agreement you have with them.

Do you provide the installation of conversion kits?

We do not. We sell kits and batteries for the do it yourselfers but do not offer installation or any extensive consulting services at this time.

Are ebikes legal in Canada?

Yes, but there are different conditions depending on the province where you are located. For Ontario the Windsor police published an excellent breakdown of what alternative vehicles are legal to ride in Ontario. It can be found here. You can also read our blog post to find out more or check out Wikipedia for most recent updates

What is an ebike?

An electric bicycle is simply a regular bicycle fitted with an electric motor that is designed to make the ride more pleasant. Most ebikes can operate in three modes:

Pedal-Only – You can ride an ebike just like a regular bicycle, powered only by you.

Pedal-Assist – An on-board computer activates the motor (only when the pedals are turning) in order to assist the rider. This mode makes it easier to pedal up hills and against the wind or simply to go faster on flat ground. The user can typically control the level of assistance received from the motor by adjusting input to the display unit through a switch mounted on the handlebars.

Electric-Only – The rider simply twists the throttle to engage the motor and start moving. In this mode, you do not need to pedal, making it great for taking a break without necessarily having to stop travelling.

Read our blog post to find out more.

Do your e bikes arrive fully assembled?

Your e bike arrives 95 per cent assembled. You will need to put on the front wheel, install the handlebars, screw on the pedals, attach the fender and the front light, and you are good to go! The whole set-up shouldn’t take more than 30-45 minutes. You do not need any special skills or tools. Everything you need is typically included with the bike. All electrical lines are usually pre-installed and the components are typically plug and play.

What is the top speed I can reach with your ebike?

Many factors influence top speed including the weight of the rider so this is a general estimate. As a rule of thumb, you can expect an ebike top speed or roughly 28 Km/h for a 36V 350W motor. You can expect an ebike top speed of 35 Km/h for a 36V 500W motor. For a 48V 500W motor, you can run an ebike to a top speed of up to 45 Km/h.

Can I use my ebike in the rain?

Ebikes are quite water resistant and can be hosed down and washed like any other bicycle. While ebikes aren’t fully waterproof and should not be submerged in water, generally speaking, riding through a puddle is certainly not an issue. The motor, battery, and display are fully sealed and can resist rain, snow and being hosed down after a muddy ride. Like any other bike, you’ll need to make sure to keep your chain lubed and well cared for to ensure optimal performance under wet conditions.

What size bike should I get from what you offer?

As a rough and very general sizing estimate, you can consider.

Models with 20″ rims: 4’8″ to 5’10”
Fat Tire Models with 20″ rims: 4’10” to 6’0″
Models with 26″ rims: 5’3″ to 6’3″
Fat Tire Models with 26″ rims: 5’4″ to 6’5″

This Ebike FAQ information is meant as a general reference only.

What does your ebike warranty cover?

Our warranty covers the frame, motor, battery, controller and display for 1 year. Parts of the bike that are subject to wear and tear such as gears, sprockets, cables and chains, etc…. and are not covered under the warranty.

You can expect to receive complete support from our customer and technical service teams to assist you with any issues you may encounter for the life of your ebike.

Where is my Serial Number

The serial number is typically found at underside or top of the crank housing, at the headset near handlebars, on rear stays near back tire hub, or near the bottom of the seat downtube.

Ebike FAQ - Bike serial number location
Bike Serial Number Location

What is your return policy?

Unused ebikes are eligible for a refund within seven days starting from the day you sign for the receipt of your bike. Returning an open box ebike is subject to 15 per cent restocking fee plus $100 return freight fee. You can find our complete return policy here.

What size and type of ebike conversion kits do you offer?

We stock kits with 250 W, 350 W and 500 W motors but can obtain kits that are much larger if thats that you need. The kits we keep in stock are usually a variety of be front wheel, rear wheel or mid-drive units thaat are all under 500W. Systems are either 36 V or 48 V, and the controllers are set to perform according to Canadian standards.

Can I get an ebike conversion kit with more power?

Yes. Talk to us and let us know what you are looking for. We can supply you with kits up to 8,000 W and 72 V but these would not be for street use in Canada without insurance and a moped style license. Great for the cottage without insurance but not for city streets. Bicycles modified with these more powerful conversion kits could only be used off road because they are not legal to ride on public roads in Canada.

Are your ebike conversion kits to Canadian standards?

Absolutely. We only sell products that are certified for use in North America and Europe. We only keep in stock, product under 500W and that can be limited to a top speed of 32 km/h.

What does error code on LCD mean?

Below is a list of some of the most common error codes:

  • 3: controller error
  • 4: throttle error
  • 5: motor error:
  • 10: motor hall sensor error
  • 30: LCD error

What is the distance I can go on a single charge?

There are many variables that impact how far you will be able to travel on a single charge like wind, hills, payload, level of power assist, and rider size, but the range is typically between 35-70 km. When you pedal, you extend your range. In throttle only mode, you would get 30-35 km without pedalling but if you used the e bike in pedal assist level 1, your range would be more like 70-75 km. This Ebike FAQ is meant as a general reference only.

How fast does it go?

Our Ebikes-Canada brand e bikes are limited to a top speed of 45 km/h by design. The e bikes are however programmed to a max speed of 32 km/h as per Canadian law but can be unlocked quickly by the user through the display if they are looking for off-road adventures.

How much power does it have?

S05, S07B, S07D, S18 and S18-20 have Bafang 500 Watt 48 Volt motors
S03 and S04 models have Bafang 350 Watt 36V motors

How do you control the motor?

Our e bikes are equipped with both a throttle and a pedal rotation sensor. You can use either system to control the speed of the electric motor. If you want to cruise without pedalling, the twist throttle can be used on it’s own with no other effort on your part but if you enjoy pedalling and want to feel more like you are riding a regular bike (with an awesome silent electric motor), you can use the pedal assist sensor system by entering one of the 5 levels of pedal assist and enjoying a boost from the motor as you pedal along.

What is pedal assist, how does it work and why do your e bikes have it?

Pedal assist uses a cadence sensor built into the drive train of the e bike which reads when you are pedalling and  automatically turns the electric motor on to provide assistance when you are pedalling. Start pedalling and the sensor tells the motor to turn on. You can adjust the level of assistance with the LCD screen from 1 (lowest amount of assistance) to 5 (highest amount of assistance) to match your desired need for speed. Using your e bike in pedal assist mode will usually result in a longer ride through conservation of your battery power. Throttle only mode will drain your battery the fastest. 

How many charges will my battery last for?

The lithium-ion battery cells will provide roughly 800 “full” charge cycles before a replacement is recommended. A full charge cycle is considered one complete discharge, so if you only discharge the battery halfway before recharging, your battery will last for 1600 charges! This Ebike FAQ is meant as a general reference only. Individual results may vary.

Does the battery have a memory effect?

No, the battery has no memory effect meaning you can charge your battery after each and every use, even if you just take a spin down the block. The battery is completely self-managing and the charger will stop charging and go to trickle mode automatically when the battery is fully charged.  Avoid charging batteries for more than 24 hours.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

On average the battery takes 4-6 hours to charge with the included 2 amp charger, but that time is cut considerably on shorter trips where you only partially discharge the battery pack.

Do I have to pedal?

No, you do not need to pedal! There is both a twist throttle and a pedal assist system. You can pedal and the electric motor  will kick in and provide you with assistance, and there is also a twist throttle that will override the pedal assist and allow you to ride the e bike more like a motorcycle, only silent!  The level of pedal assistance will determine how much boosting power the motor provides based on your pedalling input. Level 1 will be just a little help and Level 5 will get you moving like a pro cyclist. The throttle is set to operate 0-100% power depending on how much you twist!

Do your e bikes have regenerative braking?

No, instead of using a direct drive hub motor which would allow the e bike to have regenerative braking enabled, we opted for a brushless geared hub motor which increases the efficiency on hills and at lower speeds. The geared hub motor also freewheels when you are coasting or just pedalling making it feel more like pedalling a regular bike without fighting the  cogging or magnetic resistance of regenerative braking systems.

Is it street legal?

Electric bikes are considered bicycles and can be used in the same way as a pedal only bicycle in most locations, however there are a multitude of localities with restrictions so users must check with local law enforcement to be sure they are riding within the law. E bikes with motors over 500W are not legal for riding on Canadian public roads at this time.

Users should take extra care ensuring that they operate within the law and check their local regulations on peak power  (500 Watts per axle in Canada) and top speeds (normally 32 km/h in Canada). Ebikes-Canada brand e bikes will have motors that are rated at a maximum 500 Watts and are programmed at the factory to a maximum speed of 32 Kph as per current Canadian legislation. We also supply a label for your e bike stating it is a Power Assisted Vehicle as per Canadian law. 

It is our duty as e-bikers to obey the rules of the road. Please ride responsibly. These were the laws and guidelines at the time of writting the Ebike FAQ and it is updated regularily but you should check with whomever you are purchasing from if the bike you are buying is leagal at the time you are buying. Unfortunately, too many 750W models are being sold daily by our friends down south, to people that do not realize they could be finned for ridiing on public roads without insurance and a moped style licence (including plates of the ebike). Check with your local authorities for specifiic licensing requirements in your area.

Will your e bike fit me?

Our e bikes are built for adults and are suitable to most people between 165 and 195 cm (5’5” and 6’4”). We do offer other options and accessories for both smaller and larger riders but would discuss these with interested individuals one on one. Fat tires also add height to the e bike, so they tend to be better suited and comfortable for taller people, but we do offer a fat tire model with 20” rims and 4” tires (the S18-20) that is quite suitable for a wider range of riders.

What is the weight limit?

The recommended weight limit for the S07B & S07D fat tire e bikes is 140 kg or 300 lbs including rider and gear.

The recommended weight limit for our S05 MTB & S18 series fat bike models is 120 kg or 260 lbs including rider and gear.  

The recommended weight limit for our 36V S03 & S04 models is 100 kg or 220 lbs including rider and gear.

Can I put a rear rack on it?

Yes. Many of our e bikes already come with rear racks. The full-suspension models S05, S18 and S18-20 are not designed for typical bike rear luggage racks but a seat post variety rear rack can be used if the seat is high enough.

How steep of a hill can the bike go up?

Hill performance depends on the weight of the rider and gear carried, the steepness of the hill, as well as some other factors. The 48V 22A (or 36V 15A) motor controller surprised most everyone we have had test ride our e bikes. The hill   climbing torque and power of Bafang motors is what distinguishes our e bikes from our competitors.

What is the lowest and highest the seat sits off the ground?

On most models, with the seat post fully extended, the top of the saddle sits 45’’ from the ground and at its lowest point the seat is 31’’ from the ground.

How much does the bike weigh?

The average e bike weighs 25 kg (55 lbs) out of the box including the battery. Full sized 26” fat tire e-bikes can weight from 30 kg (65 lbs) up to 33kg (72 lbs). The weight for each Ebikes-Canada model is listed in the product specifications section of our online user manual.

How much does the battery pack weigh?

An average battery weighs roughly 7 lbs (3 kg).

How many gears does the ebike have and why does it have gears if it is electric?

The Ebikes-Canada e bikes have a thumb shift Shimano 7-speed gearing system. Although we find that users rarely change gears because the electric motor takes away all the strain, it is still useful to have gears whenever you decide to pedal while cruising or trying to get more exercise or extend your range. The combination of gearing and the 5 levels of variable pedal assist power from the motor means you can always find the most efficient gear and pedal power level to go the distance.

Is there a power usage or battery gauge on the bike?

Yes, there is a full screen LCD display. There is also an additional LED battery gauge on the battery pack. 2x the info!

Is there a switch to prevent accidental starting?

Yes, there is an on/off  button on the battery pack. The brake levers also come standard with a safety power cut-off switch built in to shut down the motor when any braking is applied.

How do I lock it up and what can I do to help minimize the chance of it being stolen?

The e bike has some great anti-theft features including a locking battery pack that can either be locked onto the frame or removed and brought inside for charging and safe keeping. The rear wheel is bolted down to the dropouts to reduce the chances of a thief stealing the wheel from the bike. Most standard U-locks and cable locks work fine to secure the e bike but we do recommend using the strongest possible lock when protecting your e bike investment.

Does it work in the rain?

The components are all water resistant and work very well in wet conditions, but you should take care to keep your bike parked indoors whenever possible and in a dry location when in storage. The display, motor, battery pack, and throttle are all designed to operate just fine in heavy rain, normal drizzle, or a soggy wet morning commute in Vancouver, but you should always take care to dry off your e bike and to store it properly between use to prevent corrosion. Bafang motors and displays have a IP65 waterproof rating.


Can I replace or add parts to the ebike?

If you require replacement parts check with your local bike experts or reach out to us if you have any questions about compatibility Adding unapproved after market parts may void the warranty. The motor and controller were programmed to work together and perfectly balance energy loads, adding additional parts (depending on their nature) may cause conflict with this balance. 

How do I replace the tires when they have worn?

Your tires are on standard 26” or 20” rims. The tires can be purchased and replaced at your local bike shop.

What is the warranty?

Every bike is covered under our manufacturer’s one-year warranty, for the original owner, against manufacturing defects. It covers the motor, battery, controller and display for 1 full year. Damage that occurs during shipping is also covered under warranty.

What will you do to correct a problem with my e bike?

Any damaged components that are covered under warranty will be replaced. We will assist you in replacing any defective part through our warrant ticket tracking system. We could provide written instructions, video tutorials, and use other means to instruct you on how to correct any issue reported.

What is not covered under the warranty?

Items that are classified as consumables (parts that are designed to wear out over time) are not covered under warranty.

Parts such as tires, tubes, brake pads, chains, etc….. are classified as consumables and are not covered under this limited warranty.

Where else can I find good information about ebikes?


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