About Ebikes Canada

Ebikes-Canada.com launched in the fall of 2019 with plans to open a storefront in April of 2020. Unfortunately, in March of 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. With ebikes in stock for its April launch, non-essential brick and mortar businesses were forced to shut down across the country. We were not sure what to do about Ebikes-Canada. With no storefront to sell our ebikes from, we thought we faced a serious hurdle. Fortunately online sales increased as did the popularity of ebikes.

We have since maintained the home-based business and sell ebikes online and in person through our demo test ride program. All public health guidance are carefully observed. Meeting people outside, maintaining social distance, requiring masks, and sanitizing all surfaces before and after each demo has become second nature (our checklist helps too). We eventually secured storage space for our small inventory of ebikes nearby. Between online sales and our test ride program, sales are good regardless of the fact we have no storefront.

The address on our website is for our warehouse and small office space as we do not seek or accept walk in traffic. Demo sessions are from a residential area in Orleans, which is in the east end of Ottawa. We only provide the address once an appointment has been confirmed. We have stock in two serarate Canadian warehouses (different brands) that are ready to ship . Some models may be shipped from their California warehouse. All shipping and duties, are always included in our pricing.

Ebikes-Canada Brand

In the spring of 2021, Ebikes-Canada.com launched its own brand of ebikes. They are made by the same manufacturer as Aostirmotor ebikes in the USA. Most Ebikes-Canada ebikes are configured to our specifications and built with Bafang motors. The motors are a maximum of 500W and the displays limited to 32 Km/h at the factory in order to meet Canadian legal requirements for use on Canadian public roads. As of 2022 we also offer our own brand of powerful off-road ebikes with 1000W Bafang high-torque mid-drives. Our off-road ebikes are listed in a separate category in our shop.

Our Mission

Ebikes-Canada.com promotes health and fitness, as well as green energy. We hope to provide a fun way for people to connect with nature and live some great outdoor adventures. We offer high quality electric bikes of various styles along with personalized, industry leading support. Through our online and social media presence, we strive to inform and promote the electric bicycle industry, green energy and to inform those who drop by to visit.

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