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Ready to Ship Inventory

Inventory that is ready to ship from our partner warehouses in Ottawa, Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Mississauga, Ontario, Vancouver, B.C. or Montreal Quebec. If you live in these areas and would want to pick up one of these ready to ship ebikes let us know what city you are in. We offer a $100 discount if you want to pick up at a warehouse. Chat with us so that we can help you find the right model suited to your needs.

Assembled Ebikes

Assembled ebikes available in Ottawa



Fat Tire Ebikes

Extra comfort & traction

Electric MTBs

Ready to hit the road or the trails?

City Commuter Ebikes

Faster & easier commutes

Off-Road Ebikes

Folding Ebikes

When space is a concern. Great for apartments & RVs.

Ebike Conversion Kits

Cycling & Ebike Accessories

Batteries and Cycling Accessories

Begin your great outdoor adventure.
Get out there and ride!


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