Ebikes-Canada Ebikes

ebikes, ebike conversion kits, ebike batteries and ebike related accessories.

Ebike-Canada Ebikes

Assembled Ebikes

Assembled Ebikes Available in Ottawa

Ready to Ship Inventory

Inventory ready to ship from Ottawa, Ontario, Mississauga, Ontario or Ontario, California.

Fat Tire Ebikes

Extra Comfort and Traction

Electric MTB

Ready to hit the trails?

City Commuter Ebikes

Faster & Easier Commutes

Off Road Ebikes

Powerful Off Road Ebikes – No legal on Canadian public roads

Folding Ebikes

When Space is a Concern

Converted Ebikes

Regular Bikes converted by Ebikes-Canada.com
Same 1 Year warranty as our new product on all electric components

Cycling & Ebike Accessories

Batteries, Ebike Conversion Kits and Cycling Accessories

Begin your great outdoor adventure.
Get out there and ride!


Recycle Ebike Batteries

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