About Us

Ebikes-Canada.com was launched in the fall of 2019 with plans to open a storefront in April 2020 but In March 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. With ebikes in stock and more on the way, non-essential brick and mortar businesses shut down, and no storefront to sell our ebikes from, we faced a dilemma. Online sales skyrocketed. because people couldn’t leave home except to receive essential services, or to get some socially distanced exercise. People wanted to get outside more and cycling was a good way to get out and enjoy nature.

We kept the home-based business model longer than expected and started selling ebikes from our home through a demo program. We carefully observed all public health guidance as they changed, meeting people outside, maintaining social distance, requiring masks, and sanitizing all surfaces before and after each demo. We secured storage space for the ebikes we had purchased and started to ship online sales product from a warehouse instead of a storefront.

We have continued with this model ever since. The address on our website is our storage unit. Demo sessions are from a residential area in Orleans, which is in the east end of Ottawa. When an appointment is made to see our electric
bikes and take a test drive, we provide clients with our residential address. We plan to continue with our home-based business model until the pandemic is over, hopefully in spring 2022.

This summer, Ebikes-Canada.com is launching it’s own brand of ebikes, which are made by by the same manufacturer as Aostirmotor ebikes in the United States but with a Canadian twist. All Ebikes-Canada ebikes comes with Bafang motors and a maximum of 500W to meet Canadian legal requirements. These will complement our current inventory of Ecotric, SMLRO, AKEZ and Aostirmotor ebikes.

Ebikes-Canada.com promotes health and fitness, as well as green energy and a clean environment in a fun way that connects people with nature and great outdoor adventures. We offer high quality electric bikes of various styles along with personalized, industry leading support. Through our online and social media presence, we strive to share, promote and inform in and trends in the Canadian electric bicycle industry.